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Gratuties & payment options


Figuring Total Costs

Very simply, take the amount that you were quoted for the ride.

Then, if applicable, add any fees for unplanned stops, additional service and time.

Then add a standard 20% as a gratuity for your chauffeur. 

Should I Tip the Driver Separately?

Yes, that is the customary and most efficient way to show your appreciation for the hospitality and professionalism of your driver.

How Much Should I Tip My Driver?

The customary gratuity for your chauffeur/driver is 20%, more if you are just super-pleased with the service and have enjoyed their company.

Your kind and generous gratuities are where personal transportation professionals make their living.

When Tipping My Driver, Should I Use Cash or Card?

Not every driver has a personal credit/debit card processing system. So, cash is best in that case.

Alan, for example, is fully equipped to take any card.  

The average cost for a credit/debit card processing is 3% which is passed on to you.  On trips of $400 or more (before gratuity), Alan may waive the card processing fee as a courtesy for our wonderful clients.

So, cash is best.

No checks please.

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